Custom made holidays… Swedish Lapland

Your accommodation

All our lodges are located in swedish Lapland, 160 km above the arctic circle, in the area of Skaulo/Puoltikasvaara.

The houses can be booked per day, week or month.  All accommodations are warm, most of them are recently renovated, with well equipped kitchens and decent beds to sleep in.

Your activities

The houses are located in the center of many interesting activities or excursions.

We work close together with some professional guides who have many years of experience.

Have a look at the activities we offer.

Your meals

Every house has a well-equipped kitchen. Feel free to use them and enjoy to cook your own food. 

There is a grocery shop at 2-3 km from every house.

If you don´t feel like standing in the kitchen too much, have a look at our catering service.

Your transport

We highly recommend you to rent a car at the airport.  This will give you more freedom to travel, to shop, or to make different activities or excursions, and often it is a cheaper solution for you.

The distance to Kiruna is about 75 km, and to Gällivare 45 km.

Best airport to fly on is Kiruna and easiest to fly with is Scandinavian Airlines.